STIL | Lausanne Technologies and Innovation Exhibition

The exihition is free and opens from 10h to 18h

1 Day

9 Conferences


16 Organizing students


92 Unique Exhibitors


3200 Visitors

4000 m2

“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.”

– Edward Teller –


“Discovering technologies”

Taking place at the SwissTech Convention Center, recently inaugurated on the EPFL campus, the fair offers 3700 m2 of space for its exhibitors and aims to be accessible to the broad public. It is a fantastic opportunity for exchange between exhibitors, speakers and visitors on the topic of new technologies. The 10’536 students on campus are first hand public for the exhibitors.

For this 6th edition, we are happy to announce our new collaboration with Industry Day. After two editions with more than 150 companies, the Industry Day organizes its third edition. It offers different opportunities for companies, EPFL research laboratories, as well as Master and PhD students.
This year, the event will last for two days, the Industry Day taking place on 03.25.2020 followed by the STIL on 03.26.2020.

To find out more about Industry Day:

The aim of STIL

We want to let visitors discover the technologies of the different laboratories and enterprises in an interesting and playful way.

Our fair provides a space for dialogue and exchange around innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. The STIL is open to everyone and brings engineers, technology enthusiasts, and people simply eager to learn more on technological advances together. Its exceptional location draws numerous curious people who come to discover the latest trends in technology.

A Word from the Chair

The strength of an association is its ability to develop and adapt to new challenges year to year. With a new team, new goals and an unprecedented ambition, the STIL today has every chance of becoming an institution in the associative field. It is with great pleasure and honor that we’ve decided, this year, to take over the direction of the exhibition to guide it to a certain success while keeping the convictions and the identity of this event which are dear to us. All guided by the same passion and our desire to promote innovative entrepreneurs, we would like to thank those who enable us to organize this event and hope to see you for the 2019 edition.

– The Committee Board –

2020 Comittee

At your service

At your service

As engineering students in the lap of science, we are all strongly concerned by technological advances and scientific innovations. The STIL (stands for « Salon des Technologies et de l’Innovation de Lausanne » in French or « Lausanne Technology and Innovation Convention » in English) association was founded as part of a Human and Social Sciences course in order to realize an important technology convention and which has never been done before at EPFL. Initially, 76 master students from EPFL, coming from all sections and from everywhere in the world met in order to realize and shape this project. The quality of the group, the diversity of our area of interest and origins as the implication of each member from our team allows us to have the most innovating ideas and the required skills to implement them.


President:CorentinBROCARD(+41) 78 818 79 96
Vice-President:AmandineUCKO(+33) 7 86 74 58 41
Vice-President:Jules MAIRE(+33) 6 25 19 92 04
Administration & Finance:LouisROSSET(+33) 7 85 26 85 46
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Communication:ThéoKÉROULLÉ(+41) 76 519 91 42
Logistics:JimmyWILDE(+33) 64 602 68 24
Designer:CécileCHAVANE(+41) 78 602 33 81
Exhibitor Relationships:Nicolas
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Webmaster:NathanROZOT(+33) 6 46 02 58 07


Why sponsoring us

Create your event at STIL! STIL offers you a range of sponsorship offers to highlight your innovations and expertise. Combine your brand with the key events of the event, in key places at the heart of the show and position yourself as a key player in front of your customers, all tailored to your needs.

Becoming a STIL partner is an ideal way to connect your company and your brand to the dynamism of innovation and entrepreneurship. This is an opportunity to strengthen your connection to the target audience of future engineers and potential employees, curious minds and current innovation players.

The fair is a place for exchanges and discussions around innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. Attending our event as a partner will allow you to be on a pedestal to increase your reach.

Open to the general public, STIL brings together a wide range of technology enthusiasts wishing to discover positive actors of change and companies working to improve our society. Your presence at the show will allow the public to identify with your company.

In addition, as a non-profit academic association, the presence of small entities such as start-ups depends solely on our ability to support them, which underscores our interest in partners.

Discover our offers

Please note that you have the possibility to ask for you own offer and ask for additional profits. Every aspect of our offers can be discussed.


Our partners in 2019

Our Collaborators


Innovation Time est une association d’étudiants de l’EPFL et de l’UNIL qui promeut l’esprit entrepreneurial dans la région de Lausanne en effectuant des reportages, interviews et analyses. Leur but ? Voir les étudiants Lausannois monter des projets plurisdiciplinaires, et qui marchent !


digitalswitzerland pursues one goal. We are determined to use the ongoing decade to drive digital transformation in Switzerland. There is still a lot of untapped potential left in our country, which gives us and our members ample opportunity to turn the challenges of the Digital Revolution into opportunities – and to make our economy even more fit for the future.


Venture Kick offre jusqu’à CHF 130’000 en capital de lancement à des projets de start-up innovantes. Le programme permet aussi d’être aidé par des experts afin de convaincre clients et investisseurs plus rapidement. Cette année, Venture Kick prévoit de donner CHF 3 millions au total à des start-up prometteuses. L’inscription est possible toute l’année et en continu, informations et inscriptions :


Venturelab mise sur les jeunes start-up avec un fort potentiel de croissance international. Avec des partenaires à succès dans le domaine académique et industriel, nous posons les fondations accélératrices  des futures génératoins de start-up suisses.


SV-Industry is a student association from the Life Sciences and Technologies school of EPFL. Since 2007 our members offer the possibility for students to discover the diversity in the professional landscape of life sciences. Without rejecting academic careers, we focus on those in the industry, ranging from R&D to consulting, including management, entrepreneurship, quality and assurance as well as many others. Information can be transmitted via many ways and therefore we organize various events throughout the academic year such as workshops, conferences, exhibitions and companie visits.


Innovation is one of the basic missions of EPFL and of primary importance to the School of Engineering (STI). After 2 successful editions with over 150 attending companies, the Industry Day is organizing its 3rd edition on Wednesday March 20th of 2019. It offers different opportunities to companies, EPFL research laboratories, as well as Master and PhD students.

EPFL Alumni

Innovation is one of the basic missions of EPFL and of primary importance to the School of Engineering (STI). After 2 successful editions with over 150 attending companies, the Industry Day is organizing its 3rd edition on Wednesday March 20th of 2019. It offers different opportunities to companies, EPFL research laboratories, as well as Master and PhD students.


Association STIL, case postale 20, 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland