The 2017 committee At your service

As engineering students in the lap of science, we are all strongly concerned by technological advances and scientific innovations. The STIL (stands for « Salon des Technologies et de l’Innovation de Lausanne » in French or « Lausanne Technology and Innovation Convention » in English) association was founded as part of a Human and Social Sciences course in order to realize an important technology convention and which has never been done before at EPFL. Initially, 76 master students from EPFL, coming from all sections and from everywhere in the world met in order to realize and shape this project. The quality of the group, the diversity of our area of interest and origins as the implication of each member from our team allows us to have the most innovating ideas and the required skills to implement them.


Présidence Victoria LETERTRE

Vice-Présidence Vera GLUKHENKAYA

Administration & Finance Estelle CUTTAZ – Ruixi ZHANG

Exhibitors relationships Alfonso VILLEGAS – Théo VITUPIER – Yassine SLIMANI – Yusi ZOU

Helped by member: Aditya GARCA, Nicolas MARCHAL, Tiphaine MATHIEU,  Charlotte MORALDO, Gaëlle WAVRE

Logistics Alex DIAB

Sponsoring Charles GEOFFROY – Guillaume DE SCORRAILLE – Nicolas FEPPON – Thomas CROS

Helped by member: Guillaume JOSEPH-GABRIEL

Communication Emilie CUILLERY

Helped by member: Oscar JENOT, Stefano POLITI

General secretary Nicolas MASSEREY

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