2018 Conferences

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In the big room

  • 10:00 – 10:30

    AI to foster the well-being of children online

    FRANCOIS HELG – Privately

    The effect of technology, especially on younger minds, has become hotly debated in recent months. Just in January 2018, two big Wall Street investors asked Apple to study the health effects of its products and to make it easier to limit children’s use of devices – also pediatric and mental health experts called on Facebook to abandon a messaging service the company had introduced for children as young as 6. Parenting groups have also sounded the alarm about YouTube Kids, a product aimed at children that sometimes features disturbing content. Research shows that the average 10-year-old child in OECD countries owns a personal smartphone and spends 20% of their waking hours online – largely unsupervised. A lot of their online experiences were addictive, age-inappropriate, uncomfortable and value destroying. Globally- negative engagement with digital media is clinically correlated with poor well being and is fuelling a mental health crisis with long-term economic and societal costs. Privately SA, an EPFL, Lausanne based company has pioneered artificial intelligence powered well-being technology for children. Our technology detects well-being and online safety markers of the child and provides them with real-time help and guidance as they interact with their device and the Internet. This technology helps safe and mindful use of online services helping unlock the tremendous learning and growth opportunities that could potentially enrich children. Privately is currently involved in commercial trials with a large public broadcaster and on-track to conclude a distribution partnership with one of the largest children’s charities in the world. Our technology is currently promoted by a wide range of children-safety stakeholders and we have an active pipeline of potential customers in government, telecom, insurance, OEMs and retail.

    10:40 – 11:10

    Touch virtual-reality

    MARCO SALERNO – Reconfigurable Robotics Lab

    Within the talk I will describe the market of “touch” interfaces and how they are evolving nowadays; the possible applications of these and a focus on Virtual & augmented Reality end use. I will then introduce Foldaway haptic devices, our vision respect to the diffusion of such technology not only in VR but in everyday life, the technical choices we made in our designs and the demonstration of the achievable benefits.

    11:15 – 11:55

    Comment booster votre projet d’innovation?

    PICTERRA – Innovaud

    Après une présentation de innovaud et de la FIT, la startup picterra sera présente pour témoigner.

    Picterra develops the first artificial intelligence platform allowing its users to generate personalized geo-information from aerial, drone or satellite images, everywhere on earth. Counting, identifying objects or monitoring spatio-temporal changes on the surface of the globe, there are various applications in industries such as agriculture, defense, finance, maritime transport, public administrations, universities and research laboratories.

    12:00 – 13:30

    Business Ideas @ EPFL: How to win startup competitions? advices from students entrepreneurs

    MOTION PILOT / MEDUSOIL – Venturelab

    MotionPilot provides an innovative way to interact with drones. The young team from EPFL is developing a smart radio controller to interface with every kind of drone. Its simplicity and intuitiveness enable beginners to start flying straight away and with no effort at all! MotionPilot is an all-in-one flight experience. It features a drone, first-person view goggles, and the motion controller. MeduSoil is a spin-off from EPFL, which designs and delivers solutions for earth reinforcement & stabilization through its innovative biochemically active carriers. By coupling traditional engineering practice with unconventional cementation we offer unique soil strengthening applications which incorporate reduced installation costs, improved soil performance. 12:00 – 13:30, with lunch offered.

  • 13:45 – 14:15

    Comment valoriser votre site web avec des vidéos

    ULRICH FISCHER – Memoways

    Sur base de quelques exemples de projets, Ulrich Fischer présente comment faire d’une pierre deux coups : garder les visiteurs de votre site plus longtemps chez vous, tout en augmentant leur engagement par la valorisation de votre expertise via les vidéos que vous voulez promouvoir. 

    14:25 – 14:55

    How to Build a Minimum Viable Product


    Sébastien Flury, CEO of Coteries, a digital agency based at EPFL Innovation Park, will guide you through the steps of launching your first product the lean way. www.coteries.com


    How can MassChallenge helps accelerate your startup

    THIERRY DUNAVEL – MassChallenge

    16:05 – 16:35

    Emerging Markets, the future of innovation

    LAURE DE PERETTI – Seedstars

    84% of the world’s population is located in emerging markets and 59% of global GDP comes from these markets. Figures and statistics confirm it, emerging markets are the future. Did you know that by 2025 annual consumption in emerging markets will reach $30trn? And that two-thirds of the global growth is coming from emerging markets? In addition, leapfrogging and disruptive innovation are at the heart of these major trends.

    16:40 – 17:10

    #shifthappens – Why companies must reimagine how they attract top academic talent in Machine Learning and Data Science?

    JAMES COMMON – Commonground

    The demand for data experts in business is growing at an incredible rate and academia provides a rich pool of talent to choose from, but companies need to be increasingly innovative to attract and retain the best candidates. This talk will explore the opportunities available to academics wishing to transition into the private sector and how companies can appeal to and find common ground with a new generation of employees.

    17:15 – 17:45

    Bio-Inspired Swimming Robots


    We have already seen many marine robots that can move around in water using their propeller based thrust system. These marine robotic systems provide very stable and robust platforms. They can also handle high payloads which makes them perfect tool for open waters inspection and mapping. On the other hand, when it comes to cluttered environments, confined spaces, and shallow waters, these platforms may not be the best solution available. This is where Bio-inspired swimming robots can come into the picture. We’ll present two members of the swimming robots developed at BioRob, EPFL, which are inspired by movements of eels and lampreys. Their unique movement and speeds make them a very suitable candidate where slow movements, especially in cluttered waters in symbiosis with the surrounding, is required.

In the small room

  • 10:00 – 10:30

    La Suisse à l’heure du Digitale

    DAVID DELMI – Hardah

    Selon Forbes, la transformation digitale aura l’impact d’une tempête dans le monde professionnel. Bien qu’en retard, il est encore possible pour la Suisse de réussir cette 4ième Révolution Industrielle. Leader en med-tech et bio-tech, la Suisse ne doit cependant pas faire l’erreur de négliger son potentiel de disruption digitale.

    10:40 – 11:10

    The Internet of Bees – Beekeeping 4.0


    Beekeeping is a rather analogous activity. The Swiss startup Vatorex digitizes apiculture with an innovative product portfolio.Where this works well and where a conservative approach works better, explains Vatorex-CEO Pascal Brunner.

    11:20 – 11:50

    Wehike and the technologies developed

    ION PADILLA – Wehike

    The talk will be around the concept of Smart Outdoors and how from WeHike we are creating a fully connected ecosystem for an outdoors region using Big Data, Satellite technology and our outdoors experience booking engine.

  • 13:00 – 13:30

    Markets for Photonic Integration


    We will give an introduction to Photonic Integrated Circuits. These small integrated structures can transport light and on a chip and give access to new application areas in the photonic industry. We will discuss new markets for photonic integration and give examples where our chips can be used.

    13:40 – 14:40

    Boost your risk management

    SYLVAIN FELIX – Smartcockpit

    Improve efficiency with a 360° dynamic and comprehensive view of risk integrated with performance management.

    14:50 – 15:20

    Artificial Environmental Intelligence With high flying, far walking and deep learning

    YOSEF AKHTMAN – Gamaya

    State of art in AI Applications in Agricultural Industry Towards Global Environmental Intelligence.

    15:30 – 16:00

    Pourquoi est-il essentiel d’enseigner la blockchain?

    GASPARD PEDUZZI – Blockchain Society

    La blockchain s’est incontestablement imposée comme une technologie novatrice à la base des évolutions sociales et économiques de demain. L’écosystème grandissant, sa croissance s’accompagne aujourd’hui d’une nécessité d’éducation des acteurs concernés par cette révolution. C’est tout une génération qui s’active pour développer des applications disruptives.

    16:10 – 16:40

    Revolutionizing public-sector financing


    Up to now, public-sector financing was time-consuming, expensive and a tedious process for Swiss cities and municipalities. Since September 2016, things have changed. With Loanboox, more than 600 cities, communities and cantons have found an alternative way through Loanboox, making the process simple, transparent, safe and low-cost, thanks to the innovative online-platform, which links them with institutional investors and banks. Over 7 billion Swiss Francs have been requested through Loanboox in this short timeframe. Due to the huge interest, Loanboox is expanding its business to other countries, has just recently started in Germany and other countries will follow.

    16:50 – 17:20

    Designergy : photovoltaïque intégré 2.0

    DANIEL LEPORI – Designergy

    L’enveloppe du bâtiment qui produit et sauve de l’énergie au même temps.