A fourth edition “Discovering technologies”

Located at the SwissTech Convention Center recently inaugurated on the EPFL campus, the salon offers 3700 m2 of space for its exhibitors and desires to be accessible to broad public. It is an opportnity for exchanges and horizons between exhibitors, speakers and visitors on the theme of new technologies. The 10’536 students on campus constitute first hand public for the exhibitors.

Strong, from the success of the last three editions, the STIL will come back on the 1st of March, 2018 with more ambitious objectives. It will expose recent breakthroughs answering current challenges.

The aim of STIL

The purpose of the day is to give an interesting and playful way for the visitors to discover the technologies of the different laboratories and enterprises.

Our salon is a space for dialogue and exchanges around innovation and technology, and also entrepreneurship. The STIL is opened to all public and allows to unite engineers, technologiy enthusiasts, and people simply eager to learn more on technological advances. Its exceptional location will reunite numerous curious people who came specially to discover to technological tendencies of the coming years.

“An agora for innovation”

“The EPFL is an excellent place for education and research, dedicated in particular to the transfer of technologies to the industry. The numerous patents issued every year and EPFL-based start-ups are a proof of this buzzing. Some of the technologies, developed in our laboratories, have indeed found an application in companies all over the world, such as the Logitech’s mouse and the Delta robot used for packaging in the food and in pharmaceutical sectors. Other inventions that are less known to the public, for instance, the anti-counterfeiting technologies used for banknotes, or more recently, the architectural integration of the translucent photovoltaic panels at our SwissTech Convention Centre. Nonetheless, all these innovations have in common the determination of visionary entrepreneurs, who are capable of transforming research into economic reality. This is why it was so important to organize an exhibition, which would gather the EPFL actors and the visionary entrepreneurs who make this reality possible, as well as all those who seek an interest in this. And it is exactly what was achieved with the great annual STIL meeting – the Lausanne Technologies and Innovation Exhibition, held for the second time on May 13, 2015 on the EPFL campus. That exhibition has been imagined in 2013 by around 60 Master students and was able to bring together researchers, students and industry managers from a wide variety of areas, allowing them to reveal new high-tech achievements to the public. The first exhibition of 2014 was a great success as evidenced by the high number of visitors, which exceeded 1,500. We are therefore pleased to welcome our students’ initiative, creating a true agora for innovation and an exhibition showcase for EPFL laboratories, for which we provide all our support and our most sincere wishes of success.” Philippe Gillet, Vice-Président for EPFL Academic Affairs

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